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3900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valves

Consolidated 3900/3900 TM Series Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valves (POSRVs) feature a semi-nozzle main valve design that meets API 526 center-to-face dimensional requirements for POSRVs. The 3900 Triple Media (TM) Series is one of the first POSRVs engineered to perform on liquid, air/gas, and steam media and is multi-media certified to meet multiple media capacity stamping per ASME B & PVC Code Case 2787. Both 3900 series come standard with a non-flowing pilot valve that is suitable for compressible and incompressible fluids. Optional pilot valve constructions are available for either pop or modulating action functionality to meet various pressure range, seat tightness, and blowdown requirements. Highly versatile, these valve technologies offer ease of maintenance, high reliability, flexibility, and efficient operation and performance.

Inlet Sizes

1” through 12”

Inlet Ratings

ASME Class 150 to 2500, API 6A 10K & 15K

Outlet Sizes

2” through 16”

Outlet Ratings

ASME Class 150 to 300

Orifice Sizes

D though T, Full Bores

Set Pressure Range

15 to 13,500 psig

Temperature Range

-40°F to 505°F, above 505°F with heat exchanger


Stainless steel pilot with carbon steel main valve and stainless steel trim

Standards and Regulations

ASME B & PVC, Section VIII

API 526